Thoughtfully making spaces…

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In pursuit of designing tailor-made spaces, for each and every unique project.

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Derived from experience, I have come to believe that ideas are born from the never-ending clash of one’s imagination and their conformism.

– Jeyan Ülkü


Primary phase begins as we are briefed by our clients. Based on this brief and our professional understanding of the space, an IDEA with a strong foundation emerges. The IDEA is usually difficult to pinpoint but easy to explore once it is found.

In DESIGN phase we aim to the meet the expectations created by the IDEA, keeping in mind the important  requirements of our clients. In short, we translate the needs of our clients into physical spaces.

DELIVERY is a more technical part of our work. At this stage; design comes to life through selected materials, architectural details and technical drawings. This is where “design” becomes “build” within cost-budget and time constraints.

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Good Job Games
Good Job Games is a mobile gaming technology company characterized by a predominantly youthful workforce. Right from the beginning we knew we had to avoid a conventional office space; and design a campus-like work space. Nevertheless, the pivotal decision was to enhance the campus atmosphere by establishing a gallery that mimics a public space, featuring a restaurant, a marketplace, and floating meeting rooms. Large plants and trees also play a significant role in design to enhance the illusion of the exterior.
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Philips DA
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