We recognize design as an extension of how one inhabits space

As an Istanbul based design firm, Jeyan Ülkü Architects offers design solutions that will enhance human and space relationship by acknowledging space as an entity interacting with its inhabitants.  Founded by Jeyan Ülkü, we have been designing and delivering inspirational office, retail and residential spaces since 2000.

Each and every day, the conditions of spaces we inhabit change along with its requirements and demands. As Jeyan Ülkü Architects we take pride in anticipating these changes and aligning them with the requirements of our clients.

We always keep in mind that “every project” is unique, “every space” is exclusive and in JÜ Architects, we consider ourselves partners with our clients.

Our Approach

Primary phase begins as we are briefed by our clients. Based on this brief and our professional understanding of the space, an IDEA with a strong foundation emerges. The IDEA is usually difficult to pinpoint but easy to explore once it is found.

In DESIGN phase we aim to the meet the expectations created by the IDEA, keeping in mind the solid requirements of our client. In short, we translate the needs of our clients into physical space.

DELIVERY is a more technical part of our work. At this stage; design comes to life through selected materials, architectural details and technical drawings. This is where “design” becomes “build” within cost-budget and time constraints.



Jeyan Ülkü

Interior Designer | Founder

Bilkent University | Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, BA


Pınar Tola

Interior Designer | Partner

Bilkent University | Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, BA
Domus Academy, Milan | Industrial Design, MA


Kültür Yıldız

Interior Designer | Partner

Karadeniz Technical University | Interior Architecture, BSc.

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Melis Kurultay

Interior Designer | Head of Design

Bilkent University | Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, BA
Istanbul Bilgi University | Design Culture and Management


Betül Yılmaz


Yıldız Technical University | Architecture, BSc


Büşra Atabey


Gedik University | Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, BA

IMG_1173 kontrast

Tuğba Ecem Tosun

Interior Designer

Karadeniz Technical University | Interior Architecture, BSc.
Hochschule Coburg | Interior Design, BA

IMG_1163 kontrast

Nazım Arifağaoğlu

Procurement Engineer

Özyeğin University | Civil Engineering, BSc

IMG_1102 kontrast

Cenk Dayı

Interior Designer

Özyeğin University | Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, BSc

IMG_1134 kontrast

Özge Sağat

Interior Designer

Özyeğin University | Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, BSc
Özyeğin University | Communication Design, Minor | Architecture, Minor


Yusuf Amanet

Site Manager

Abant İzzet Baysal University | Furniture & Fittings Specialist, BA


Meryem Yirmi

Accounting & Finance

Çanakkale 18 Mart University | Business Administration, BA


Yeliz Yeliz

Administrative Assistant

Anadolu University |Faculty of Economics | Labor Economics and Industrial Relations


Özkan Dede

Office & Logistics Staff

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İhsan Gelturan

Senior Site Supervisor


İsmail Döger

Site Supervisor


Maşallah Balcın

Senior Builder Specialist


Bayram Döger

Builder Specialist